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It is to our notice that certain companies/exporters are making forged certificates in our name for their business.  The buyers beware of this fact and make necessary clarifications with us before entering into companies who are using certification in our name.  We are not responsible for any transactions on the basis of such forged certificates.
Please take notice that legal action will be taken against companies found making/using such forged certificates. 

Executive Director,                                                                          INDOCERT


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 Trainer's Training

INDOCERT offers various trainers training and awareness programmes in the field of organic agriculture certification, organic aquaculture certification, UTZ Certification and GLOBALGAP.The training programme is intended to disseminate various certification standards, procedure for Certification and the concept of Internal Control system for small holder group certification.  The target participants are:
  • Lead farmers
  • NGOs interested in spreading the message of organic farming and clean environment
  • Processing industry
  • Traders and Exporters
  • Government officials
Training is provided both In-house and On-site.

Trainers Training programme on “Organic Agriculture Standards and Internal Control System (ICS) For Small Holder Group Certification” 
To enhance the competence of farmer groups/ entrepreneurs, INDOCERT provides trainers training programme on “Internal Control System for Small Holder Group Certification” .This training programme helps the participants to acquaint themselves with the inspection and certification procedure, Standards for Organic Production, minimum requirements of ICS and basic criteria of implementation of ICS. One day field visit to a certified farmer group/farm is also a part of our training programme.

Trainers Training programme on “Organic Aquaculture Standards and Internal Control System (ICS) For Small Holder Group Certification”

INDOCERT provides training programme on organic aquaculture and “Internal Control System for Small Holder Group Certification” as per rules equivalent to EC regulations 834/2007.INDOCERT also offers trainers training programmes based on private labels like Naturland and bio Suisse.

UTZ Certified Code of conduct
UTZ CERTIFIED Code of Conduct is an internationally recognized set of criteria for economic, social and environmental responsible crop production.
INDOCERT conducts training programmes on:
  • UTZ Certified code of conduct- Tea, coffee, Cocoa
  • Main criteria for setting up an ICS in  UTZ code of conduct.
  • Chain of custody requirements for tea,coffee and cocoa






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